Enviro Linings – Dam Liners

Enviro Linings HDPE and PVC dam liners can be used in many applications in many sectors such as:


Mining uses dam liners principally in three areas:

  • Evaporation Ponds
  • Heap Leaching Ponds
  • Disposal Ponds


  • Aquaculture Irrigation
  • Dams Water Storage Dams


  • Water Features / Koi ponds
  • Raw Water Storage Dams
  • Rainwater Harvesting Pillow Tanks
  • Pond Liners


  • Canals
  • Industrial Waste Dams
  • Bio-gas Digesters
  • Sewerage dams

Unique HDPE and PVC dam liners, ideal for purpose in mining, industrial, agriculture and aquaculture applications.

Enviro-Linings is a manufacturing and installation arm of CI-Africa, specialising in a variety of diverse products.
Enviro-Linings is committed to exceptional customer service by embracing the needs and requirements of our customers and providing them with the best solutions at the best value.
The Mainstay of the business is the installation of mostly geomembrane linings which include high density polyethylene, low density polyethylene and PVC and polypropylene, in applications from small farm dams to major civil engineering and mining projects.
Enviro-Linings also manufactures a range of liquid storage products and dams which are regularly used in various industries such as mining, agriculture, chemical and aquaculture.

Enviro Linings is able to supply a wide range of High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) dam liners. Our HDPE dam liners do not contain any harmful chemicals which could compromise the quality of the water, thus making it suitable for all applications. Depending on the application various thicknesses of liner are used with the most common being the 1mm HDPE liner but we do install any thickness up to 3mm for earth dams. Even thicker sheets can be installed in custom tanks or to make up any module required. Our liners are especially designed to handle the harsh African sun with excellent UV resistance, for they are made 100% in South Africa for Africa. Enviro Linings installs all HDPE dam liners using the welding methods shown. We have over 15 years’ experience of installing HDPE dam liners and all work is done with the utmost care. Our quality procedures are followed to ensure a professional finish is achieved with a 100% water-tight seal.

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Pillow Tanks

Versatile and compact

As the name suggests, a pillow tank is flat and unobtrusive when not in use to minimise negative space and when filled can be easily transported to where the liquid is required.
In todays times where water wastage is frowned upon, pillow tanks are a cost efficient and convenient solution.
Capacity: Range from 1000L to 500 000L


  • Swimming pool repairs
  • Fire fighting
  • Irrigation
  • Rain water collection
  • Temporary reservoir
  • Emergency management
  • Drinking water for emergency


  • The pillow tanks are made of a strong and pliable reinforced PVC
  • As many inlets and outlets as required can be fitted
  • Available in a variety of colours
  • Available in standard PVC or certified drinking water composition

Tank Full

Water pillow tanks

Bakkie Pillow Tanks
As the name suggests a pillow tank is flat and unobtrusive when not in use to minimise negative space and when filled can be easily transported to where the liquid is required.

The Bakkie Pillow Tanks are a cost efficient and convenient solution
Capacity: Ranging up to 1000L


  • Livestock watering
  • Fire fighting
  • Remote access water delivery
  • Emergency drinking water
  • Easy access to storage remote sites


  • The pillow tanks are made of a strong reinforced PVC
  • Inlets and outlets as required fitted
  • Available in a variety of colour
  • Available in a standard PVC or certified drinking water composition

Geomembrane projects from around the world

250 000sqm Geomembrane for Mine Tailing Disposal in Tanzania

Mine tailing disposal is one of the most important environmental issues for any mining project. To control the release of tailing materials, which are the waste product left over from a mineral processing plant, a tailing dam or pond is created to contain the waste. In this case, geomembranes are used to protect the environment and prevent contamination of soils and groundwater tables.

580 000sqm HDPE Geomembrane Liner for Solid Waste Containment in Kazakhstan

HDPE landfill liner is the essential lining material used for waste containment – it provides maximum and reliable leakage protection for the environment. High density polyethylene (HDPE) landfill liners have excellent impermeability, elongation, conformity and weld abilities. This makes them particulaly suitable as stable, steep slope linings with strong protection to avoid leakage or stress cracking so as to avoid waste contamination of the earth.

150 000sqm HDPE Textured Geomembrane for Chevron Oil & Gas company in Saudi Arabia

For world-renowned large-scale projects at mines, oil and gas, and waste landfills, customers have confidence in the quality of the “Belt and Road” geomembrane. The textured geomembrane liner in this project provides a complete waterproof system, and the textured surface makes the installation of the slope area easier and increases its coefficient of friction. The customer is very satisfied with the quality and delivery time of our textured geomembrane lining.

25 000sqm Geomembrane Evaporation Ponds
South Africa

Geomembrane is durable and absorbs and transmits heat, which accelerates the evaporation rate. It is durable, 100% waterproof, and contains UV stabilisers, ensuring a service life of more than 30 years.

Dam linings with Geocell in South Africa

Geocell is available in these sizes :

  • 75 x 440mm
  • 100 x 440mm
  • 150 x 440mm
  • 200 x 440mm

HDPE Geomembrane for Salt Pond Liner in Peru

Geomembrane is durable and offers excellent chemical resistance to salts, which is important because of the long-term exposure to the brine. It can also absorb and transmit heat, which accelerates the evaporation rate and improves crystallization separation speed.

Geomembrane used for Biodigester in Chile

The geomembrane liner can be used in the biodigester. Biodigesters permit the decomposition of organic material for the production of methane gas (biogas ). It’s a cost effective energy source that is ideal for cow or other animal farm areas.

1 200 000sqm Geomembrane HDPE 0.5mm Liner for Fish & Shrimp Ponds in Indonesia

40,000sqm 1.0mm Blue HDPE Geomembrane Liner for Artificial Lake in Kuwait

980 000sqm HDPE Geomembrane 1.5mm Liner for Waste Water Treatment in Thailand

HDPE Geomembrane Technical Parameter – Smooth (GRI GM13)

Quality Standard: ASTM-GRI GM13

  • Thickness: 0.5mm, 1.0mm, 1.5mm, 2.0mm, 3.0mm, 4.0mm, 5.0mm
  • Roll Width: 2m, 3m, 5.8m, 7m
  • Roll Length: 50m, 100m, 150m, 200m

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Sheet Welding on Site

The sheets are simply and effectively welded together with special equipment to provide a secure and durable seal.

Colours: Standard Colour is Black.

Blue, Green, White and special colours available on request. Prices may vary on these colours.

Please enquire about what stocks are immediately available.

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