EnviroLinings® ERH-01 Hybrid Rubber Waterproofing

This versatile, flexible and high performing liquid rubber hybrid waterproofing is a technological breakthrough.

Colour range:

ERH-01 Rubber Hybrid is a dynamic, high-solid, high-build liquid waterproofing and coating for both interior and exterior use. It is available in 8 popular colours: Black, Grey, White, Red, Terracotta, Tan, Green and Brown.

With exceptional elongation and high elasticity, it can withstand harsh climates and weather. Made with imported international nano particle technology resin and specifically formulated for concrete, light-weight concrete, roof tiles, wood, galvanized steel, asphalt, and asbestos cement.

A perfect coating solution for roofs in regions with extreme climatic conditions, especially flat roofs. It is a versatile, flexible and high performing liquid rubber hybrid.

The microfine inorganic sheet silicate contents prevent and reduce cracking, shrinkage, sheering and microscopic rupture of the film. It surpasses other conventional (traditional) acrylic composites by far and is very suitable to all substrates.

EnviroLinings® ERH-01 benefits:

Great adhesion

It can be applied to concrete, stone, metal, bitumen, EPDM, wood, PVC, metals, and zinc.


It can withstand ponding water for flat roofs or be used in overspill containment.


With elongation capabilies of up to 200%, it can flex and stretch with substrates through heating and cooling (-40°C to 160°C) without any damage.

UV stability

The coating stays flexible for longer and does not chalk or embrittle, nor will it lose strength with exposure to UV radiation.

Chemical and weather resistant

It is resistant to corrosive chemicals such as acids, alkalis and solvents in liquid and gas form. Liquid rubber protects a substrate from corrosive chemicals in tanks, factories, and industrial plants.

Environmentally friendly

Being water-based and VOC free means no harm can be done to humans or the water table.

EnviroLinings® ERH-02 Thermal Rubber Coating

An easy to apply, international nanotechnology coating that reduces underlying temperatures dramatically.

This high-solid, high-build thermal coating provides roofs with excellent weather resistance while reducing underlying temperatures due to its ceramic content.

ERH-02 Thermal Rubber contains inorganic hollow ceramic as a filler with long-life elongation and is ideal for regions with extreme climatic conditions. It is formulated for roofs constructed from a wide variety of materials such as concrete, light weight concrete, roof tiles, wood, galvanized steel, asphalt and asbestos cement.

ERH-02 Thermal Rubber effectively reduces heat transfer by 12-16ºC on the substrate surface, thus creating a temperature reduction within the structure of 6-10ºC. This outstanding performance can even be increased with additional coatings.

Apply by brush or roller at 1 – 3 litres/m2 to ensure a dry film thickness of 1mm is achieved.

EnviroLinings® ERH-02 benefits:

  • Economical

  • Durable

  • Ready to use

  • Effectively reduces temperatures in residential and industrial structures

  • Contains no toxic solvents

  • Impermeable to water or moisture

  • Excellent mechanical properties

  • Ease of application – brush or roller applied

Typical Substrates:

Concrete roofs
Cement roof tiles
Galvanized roofs and structures

Contains inorganic hollow fill ceramic

High solid, close film formation

UV stable

Available in white (other colours on request)

Will not flake, peel or blister

EnviroLinings® ERH Waterproofing Accessories

A full system of high performance membranes and adhesives to optimse your waterproofing projects.

Elastic Membrane
(120mm x 50m)

Used as an elastic waterproof membrane in areas prone to movement.

Used in conjunction with waterproofing membrane and de-bonding membrane in corners and membrane overlaps. Inter and external corners are pre-manufactured and easily applied.

Suitable adhesives are ERH-01 Rubber Hybrid, ERH-03 or ERH-04, ERH 3 in 1

De-bonding Membrane
(1000mm x 30m)

Used as an undertile waterproofing membrane on balconies and wet areas. Conventional tile adhesives bond extremely well to the membrane.

De-bonding will occur when movement takes place, thus preventing the membrane from tearing.

Suitable adhesives are ERH-03 and ERH-04, ERH 3 in 1

Expansion Joint with Felt
(170mm x 30m)

Used over expansion joints and construction joints.

May be heat welded where lengths in excess of standard roll lengths are required.

Suitable adhesives are ERH-03, ERH-04, ERH-3 in 1, as well as Epoxy cement adhesives.

Heavy Duty Expansion Joint (Various widths available as per site requirement.)

Used as a waterproofing membrane over expansion joints and construction joints in car parks and reservoirs.

May be heat welded where lengths in excess of standard roll lengths are required.

Various widths are available according to engineers joint design.

Suitable adhesives: Epoxy cement adhesive.