Polyarmor® Thermoplastic Powder Coating

Polyarmor® is a multi-purpose thermoplastic powder coating that utilizes polyethylene copolymer chemistry to meet and exceed a wide range of performance attributes including ultra-high adhesion, impact and corrosion resistance, ultra violet (UV) protection, and graffiti resistance.

Polyarmor thermoplastic powder coatings

Polyarmor thermoplastic powder coatings contain no phthalates and are heavy metal compliant, making Polyarmor the best choice for exceptional performance and environmental safety.

Polyarmor G17 is an ideal choice when an all-purpose, high performance coating, with exceptional aesthetics is required. The abrasion, impact, and corrosion-resisting qualities are unsurpassed, as borne out by over 2000 hours of salt spray testing.

Outdoor furniture, fencing, trailer frames, helmet facemasks and bike racks are just a few of the typical applications that can benefit from the superior protection and durability of Polyarmor thermoplastic powder coatings.

The Polyarmor family includes several products formulated to meet a range of finishing and protection needs. Both fluid bed dip and spray grade products are available.

Refer to the table below for key performance data and to download more detailed Technical Data Sheets for each Polyarmor grade.

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Just a few of many applications

Is your application constantly exposed to nature’s elements? Does it require resistance to chemicals or harsh impacts? What about overall protection without sacrificing looks? Protech /Innotek powder coatings may be the answer you’ve been searching for.

Protech Thermo Coating

Hi-visibility security fencing faces the harshest weather conditions on with polyarmor from protech oxyplast your security barrier is protected against the elements regardless of what mother nature throws at it.

Light Poles

Light poles are constantly exposed to the harshest of conditions including temperature extremes, road salt and a variety road debris. When poles are installed in the toughest environments such as the snow belt and desert areas, conventional coatings cannot withstand the abuse. They are vast in numbers, installed over great distances, and replacing them is expensive. So, choosing the right coating is critical to prolonging their life. Polyarmor® G17 is the perfect coating to achieve this needed level of performance, offering exceptional UV, weathering, impact, and corrosion resistance.

HVAC Grills

HVAC grills are exposed to every condition in the field – moisture, humidity, and extreme heat and cold – and require high corrosion performance not attainable with conventional thermosets. And, since the part is coated first and then formed into the final shape, the coating must have extremely high levels of adhesion and flexibility. Polyarmor® G17 provides the base layer in a multiple coating structure for HVAC grills and is chosen specifically for its corrosion resistance, flexibility, and adhesion.

Wire Goods

Wire goods such as shower caddies, dish drains, and shelving are relatively inexpensive storage solutions for consumers, but a certain level of performance is expected, including resistance to minor abuses, bending without cracking or chipping, barrier to moisture, and long service life. Encase® powder coating is a low cost LDPE coating used on many NSF/FDA approved mild steel wire products. Encase provides 100% encapsulation through the fluidized bed application method and offers corrosion resistance, flexibility, soft feel, and an attractive finish.

Trailer Frames

Trailer frames must endure multiple collisions with loading docks without compromising the integrity of the metal frame or reducing service life. Thermoplastic powder coatings provide the extra protection and durability this application needs. Polyarmor® G17 thermoplastic powder coating offers exceptional impact and corrosion resistance, UV protection, and flexibility to eliminate chipping and micro-cracking a common occurrence in many thermoset coatings. And, with the excellent adhesive properties of Polyarmor, even if damage occurs and metal is exposed, the Polyarmor coating will continue to prevent rust from undercutting the coating.

Can’t find your particular application here? That doesn’t mean thermoplastic powder coatings are not right for your application. Contact us to find out more.

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