Why training?

The wrong specification can cause coating failure. A good coating specification will include all steps to be followed to obtain the best result.

  • Information about powder paint / powder coating
  • Planning the setup and application
  • Application process (where to start, how to tackle corners, thickness of material, expectations of powder coating)

Quality and training for coating applications

  • All personnel are trained in-house with Chemco Internationals extensive “Polymer Technology – Application Modules”.
  • This course outlines all there is to know from the 8 major groups of corrosion. It also includes an extensive course in spray application.
  • In addition to this training we recommend all staff attend the TAFE Course Certificate III in Surface Preparation and Coating Application.
  • As part of our continued improvement program, we are also working towards ISO 9001:2008 accredited Quality Management System.
  • All of our project management staff are certified ACA or NACE Coating Inspectors.


To achieve low life cycle, costs include:

  • Substrate Material
  • Environment i.e. chemical concentrations, salt water
  • Process temperatures, including excursions
  • Time frame allowable for refurbishment or project schedule
  • Expected life before next maintenance schedule

Quality Control

Quality Assurance Procedures we carry out the following;

  • In-house salt testing on all refurbishment projects.
  • In-house surface profile testing and recording.
  • In-house High Voltage Holiday Detection
  • In-house Adhesion Testing where required.
  • In-house Dry Film Thickness and Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge