Pool-Fix™ Repair Coatings

Pool-fix™ is a solvent-free, wet tolerant coating system specifically designed for the repair of underwater areas.

It is especially effective for the protection of ceramic tiles within swimming pools and is ideal for carrying out repairs without the requirement to empty the pool.

This coating system is available in 2 versions:

> Pool-Fix™
> Pool-Fix™ Filler/Grout

THE B LYDE LAGOON Wet Tolerant & Underwater Coatings Chemco pool Fix

Product information

Pool-fix™ is a solvent-free, wet tolerant protective coating which has been specifically designed for the repair of underwater areas; especially for ceramic tiles within swimming pools.

This system is ideal for repairing small holes, leaks and cracks without the requirement to empty the pool.

Primary features and characteristics:

  • Solvent-freewet tolerant underwater repair system
  • Suitable for underwater applications and on wet surfaces
  • Tests demonstrated there is no detrimental loss of adhesion, even when applied on saturated substrates
  • Significantly reduced H&S standards
  • Specifically formulated for the underwater repair of swimming pools, ponds, water tanks and other aqueous vessels
  • Repairs holes, leaks, cracks, chips and defects with minimum effort and downtime
  • Highly resistant to chlorinated water and pool cleaning products
  • High gloss finish and easy to decontaminate
  • Offers minimal paint dispersion during application, which in turn:
    • reduces potential contamination of the environment
    • helps to keep expensive diving suits and equipment clean
    • improves the application accuracy as the diver’s vision is clearer for a longer period of time
    • improves efficiency and productivity

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